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Pictured on this site are several products which are produced at K.D.K. For product specifications and ordering information, please contact us. 

 Our Mission is to:

"Provide highest quality products that meet and exceed our customer's expectations".

Listed below here are several of our beliefs and initiatives:

1. We believe in employee involvement and participation
2. We believe in continuous quality, productivity and service improvement
3. We believe in providing the best support and customer service to our customers
4. We believe in developing partnerships with customer, suppliers and employees.

The key Mission statement policy related objective measurements are as follows.

1. On-time Deliver
2. Customer Returns
3. Internal Rejects/Scrap

KDK's management commits to the quality policy by implementing and maintaining the ISO-9001 compliant quality system. The quality policy shall be communicated to all employees as part of new employee orientation trainings that are conducted. Every employee at KDK is responsible for product quality. They also have the responsibility and the authority for initiating an action or requesting action to prevent the occurrence of nonconforming product and/or processes.

KDK recognizes that the success of the quality policy depends on the participation of all employees within the organization The Quality Manager and the Management Team members are responsible for ensuring that the Quality System is implemented, understood, and followed by all employees.