Valve Stems

Forged per specifications heat treating available
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valve stem stainless steel material


  • Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Sand blasting available
  • Specified heat treating available
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Materials

  • Product Description

    KDK produces forgings that are then machined into valve stems for the industrial machine industry. KDK can produce a forging blank that will leave a minimal amount of steel stock remaining allowing for easy machining. Forgings can be produced using a variety of materials including stainless steel. A valve stem is typically used to allow gas or liquid to enter an area. For example, in a car or a bicycle, a valve stem is used to seal the higher inside air pressure from the lower pressure outside the tire. Valve stems are also used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems and in plumbing systems. Valve stems typically have a large flange shape at the end of a gear blank and have a sloped transition area to the smaller diameter. This sloped area is typically machined and then may be ground as well to create a smooth surface that will create a seal against the mating surface. Stems can be kept closed by the pressure from inside the container or can be kept in place with the use of a spring.


    KDK has been producing valve stem forgings for about 13 years. KDK is capable of producing valve stem blanks in a variety of different materials based upon customer specification.


    KDK Forging Company valves stems are used in a various industrial applications including the industrial machine industry.

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    valve stem stainless steel material