Handhold Forgings

Forged per specifications passivation and polishing available
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Stainless handhold polish finished

Handhold Forgings Features

  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Machine finished or otherwise
  • Application based tapping of ends
  • Up to 10' length
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Materials

  • Product Description

    Hand holds or grab irons allow mobility of personnel in and around railcars. Hand holds are produced from carbon steels and from stainless steels and can be manufactured in a variety of configurations. KDK has tooling for most standard configurations currently in the railcar industry. Adjustable hand holds are also available that allow parts to be used in an application where multiple lengths are required. One end with a series of holes passes through the mating part and a pin is placed to secure the length. The excess portion of the bar can then be cut off. The mating portion of the hand hold can be manufactured by punching or for finer tolerances can be drilled. The shape of the attached foot area is dictated from the customer. Finish of the component is also dictated by the customer.

    The flat area of the hand hold is also known as a mounting flange and they are typically designed to be flat or flush with the mounting surface. They are then typically riveted or screwed to the surface of the railcar. Standards in producing handholds can be found at the American Association of Railroads website (www.aar.org) website. Hand holds can be used for passenger and industrial railcars. KDK hand holds are typically made of .75" or 1" dia. steel and can vary in length from 4" to 15 feet in length. They can be bent and an offset can be forged into the lenght of the bar. Additional services include powdercoating to specification and color.


    KDK has produced handholds for over 30 years. We are very familiar with Handhold manufacturing standards. KDK produces handholds for the leading railroad car producers in North America.


    KDK handholds are used in the railroad industry.

    stainless handhold polish finished
    stainless handhold polish finished