Manufacturing currently accounts for over 8% of jobs in the United States. Federal and state governments can help greatly in creating a more globally competitive environment for manufacturing firms while creating balanced local economies.

More details about these factors can be found on the Reshoring Initiative website. The Reshoring Initiative was started by Harry Moser to highlight issues surrounding competitiveness and total costs in managing supply chains.

Reshoring Map

Source: Global Trade Magazine May 27, 2020. Written by Adrea Durkin.

Reasons for Reshoring

  • Lead time
  • Rising offshore wages
  • Skilled workforce
  • Local tax incentives
  • Image of being made in the USA
  • Lower inventory levels, better turns

  • How Reshoring Helps America

  • Reduction in Chinese forgings balances trade and budget deficits
  • Reduces income inequality
  • Maintains the broad industrial capability required for national defense