Grab Irons

There are a number of different configurations that are customized for a particular rail car.
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Grab iron sand blasted


  • Custom design and configuration
  • Forged grab irons hooks available also
  • Sand blasting and other finishes
  • Available in carbon steel materials

  • Sizes

  • All standard grab iron sizes available
  • up to 15 feet in overall length

  • Product Description

    Grab irons are a common component found on many passenger and freight rail cars. Grab irons allow for mobility on and around the rail car. For standard grab irons, end holes are punched in an as forged condition. Grab irons can either be riveted or screwed onto the completed rail car. For longer length grab irons, a support hook may be used to increase the stability of the assembly. It is normal for unfinished grab irons to develop small amounts of surface rust.

    Depending on your requirements, KDK will make a custom die for your handhold requirements. Please send us a copy of your drawing and we will be happy to review your part and send a quote to you.


    KDK Forging Company has been producing grab irons and handholds for over 40 years. KDK produces these parts in many types of materials including carbon steel. KDK supplies grab irons to top tier companies that manufacturing passenger and freight rail cars.


    Grab irons and grab iron assemblies are used in the passenger and freight rail industry. KDK produces many different forgings for a variety of different market segments. For more information about the parts we produce, please click on the products tab.
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