Gear Shafts

Typically supplied in as forged condition
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gear shaft as forged, pre-machining

Gear Shaft Features

  • Up to 4" dia. and various lengths
  • As forged condition
  • Heat treating/sand blasting available
  • Available in a variety of carbon and alloy steel materials

  • Product Description

    Gear shafts have a wide variety of uses and configurations. KDK typically supplied gear shafts in an as forged condition for customers to finish machine.

    KDK can heat treat the shafts as well for increased machinability. Forged gear shafts increase strenth of the gear and create less waste of material. Shafts can be forged from carbor or alloy steel materials.

    There are a variety or gearing profiles that manufacturer use in creating a final machined gear. Forged gear shafts may have gear profiles on both ends of shaft. Spline gears and spiral bevel gears are examples of gear profiles that may be used. Many of KDK's customers have utilized our upset forging expertise in order to save material and increase the strength of their gears and transmissions.

    KDK Forging provides timely delivery and excellent quality on their components at a reasonable price. Depending on your requirements, KDK will make a custom forging die according to your needs. Please send us a copy of your drawing and we will be happy to review your part and send a quote to you.


    KDK has been producing gear shaft forgings for many years. KDK produces quality shaft forgings for some of the leading manufacturers in North America.


    KDK gear shafts are used in a variety of industries and applications. KDK produces many different forgings for a variety of different industries. For more information, please click on the products tab.

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    machined pinion per customer