Gear Hubs

Available in a range of configurations, typically machined by customer.
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gear hub forged and sand blasted


  • Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Machine finished or otherwise
  • Application based tapping of ends
  • Sand Blasting & Plating available
  • Normalizing for machining ease & quench and tempering for hardness
  • Available in stainless steel or carbon steel materials

  • Product Description

    KDK manufactures gear hubs for a variety of applications in several different industries. The diameters of gear shafts can range from 5/8 inch to 5 inches and their lengths range from 3 inches to 20 feet. Gear shafts are created to suit the gear configuration as dictated by the customer. Gear shaft forgings can be made for a helical gears, spur gears, torsion gears and a variety of other gear types. KDK can rough machine any of our gear shaft forgings to suit your needs. We can also leave them as forged or sandblasted depending upon your needs. Forgings can be packaged in customer containers or can be shipped in disposable packaging. The forging process adds strength to the gear hub because of the improved grain flow that is inherent in the forging process. This gives the forged gear hub added strength compared to a gear hub that has been machined from solid stock. One of the common problems that has come from the use of forgings for gears has been the appearance of flash lines or parting lines. KDK gear hub forgings are made to be easily machined. As required by the material being forged, heat treatment offered by KDK can greatly improve machinability of gear hub forgings. Depending on your requirements, KDK will make a customer die for you forging needs. Please send us a copy of your drawing and we will be happy to review your part and send a quote to you.


    KDK has been producing gear hubs for over 50 years. Leading companies that require quality gear hub forgings have chosen KDK as their forging supplier.


    KDK gear hubs are used in many industries including these: automotive, off-highway, agriculture equipment, utilities and industrial tools.

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