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Gear Blanks - Crab Bolts Available in Carbon Steel Material

Carbon Steel Forged Crab Bolts

Crab Bolts by Leading Forging Part Suppliers, KDK Forging

Salient Features

  • Machine finished or as forged
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Sand Blasting & Heat Treating available
  • Can be Magnaflux inspected for indications
  • Available in Carbon Steel Materials (4140)
  • Carbon Steel Crab Bolts by KDK Forging

    Product Description
    Crab bolts are unique forgings that KDK produces for the rail engine industry. The   sizes of the crab bolts required are fairly standard. Crab bolts are a critical   component of large locomotive engines. They are typically made from 4140 material.   KDK has the dies for these forgings and is able make the Crab bolt according to   your specifications. Crab Bolts can be heat treated or sand blasted according to   your specifications. This can bring the forgings to the hardness level. Hardness   levels are tested or certified within the desired range. The forging process adds strength to the steel bar. This improved grain flow which is achieved as a result of the forging process provides strength that can be viewed from a microscope. One of the common problems that has come from the use of forgings for gears has been the appearance of flash lines or parting lines. KDK produces Crab bolts with very minimal flashing on the forging making the machining of the bolts easier. Crab bolts can be shipped using returnable containers or corrugated boxes. Depending on your requirements, KDK will make a custom die for your forging need. Please send us a copy of your drawing and we will be happy to send a quote to you.

    KDK has produced crab bolts for over 20 years. Companies that require quality Crab Bolts have chosen KDK as their  Forging Supplier.

    KDK sockets are used in many industries including these: automotive, off-highway, agriculture equipment, earth exploration, utilities, food preparation and industrial tools.