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Closed Die Forgings

Closed Die Forgings Part Suppliers | KDK Forging

Salient Features

  • Allows for many different types of custom parts and shapes
  • Coining is available for creating even closer tolerances
  • Blasted free of scale
  • Specified heat treating available
  • Produced from a variety of different steel grades
  • Closed Die Forgings of Supreme Quality and Strength

    K.D.K. Forging Company uses a variety of methods to manufacture forgings. In   addition to upset forging methods, KDK uses closed die forging methods in our   manufacturing process. Closed die forging is the most common type of forging. By   percentage, closed die forgings make up and estimated 75 percent of all forgings   produced. Closed die forging is a process where steel is heated to the point where   it   can be shaped. It then is place into a die cavity and it shaped as the top and   bottom   die come together to fill the mold. Closed die forgings are very common and are used in a variety of applications. Most forging in general is hot forging. Temperatures for hot forging typically go up to 2300 degrees. Once the proper forging temperature is reached, the steel forging material takes on a semi-plastic state allowing it to be shaped within the impressions. This process of filling out the dies may take more than one stroke of the forging press for the impression to be filled. After the material has filled the die cavity, the forging is then removed. The forging can be pulled using tongs or if it "sticks" in the die, it may need to be hit in order to loosen it from the cavity. Closed die forging is also called Impression Die Forging. Closed die forging can be used on a variety of materials including aluminum, titanium, and alloys. They can be produced on hammer forging presses, hydraulic presses, and mechanical forging presses. A number of different shapes can be made using the closed die process. Included are flanges, holes, and cavities.

    KDK has been producing closed die forgings for about 10 years. KDK produces closed die forgings using many different types of materials.

    KDK closed die are used in many industries including these: automotive and industrial tools.