Closed Die Forgings

Various closed die forgings produced by KDK
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Gear blank premachining faced surface


  • Custom design and configuration
  • Closed die forgings - typically smaller in size
  • Specified heat treating available
  • Available in carbon and alloy steel materials

  • Sizes

  • Ranging from 1" diameter to 5" diameter
  • up to 6 lbs in weight

  • Product Description

    Closed die forging is a common forging process in which all the steel material is enclosed with the forging die. This process creates parts that are nearly identical as they are repeatedly created from the same die or pattern.

    KDK produces closed die forgings that are typically smaller in size. Our closed die forgings are up to 5" in diameter and can weight up to 6 lbs. (some exceptions apply). The closed die forging process can save significant amount of material and machining time for end products. The forging process also adds strength to the component as the steel grain flow is shaped into various curved formations.

    Depending on your requirements, KDK will make a custom die for your forging requirements. Please send us a copy of your drawing and we will be happy to review your part and send a quote to you.


    KDK forging company has been producing closed die forgings for a number of years and produces these parts in many different types of steel. KDK supplies closed die forgings to top tier companies that manufacture automotive, agricultural, and industrial equipment.


    There are many different applications for closed die forgings. KDK produces many different forgings for a variety of different market segments. For more information about the parts we produce, please click on the products tab.
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