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Upset Forging
Pictured on this site are several products which are produced at K.D.K. For product specifications and ordering information, please contact us. 


KDK Produces upset and press forgings. We have been producing them for some of the leading companies in America for more than fifty years. Companies that demand the very best in precision and quality choose KDK. KDK began forging components in 1947. We have been making advancements in our processes ever since then.

We began as a company that was primarily making war time parts. Torsion bars were our main product and there was no shortage of work to be done during and after the war. Since then we have expanded into many different industries.

We work in the Automotive, Agriculture, Mining, Industrial Tool, and Military industries to name a few. We have increased the amount of products that we used to produce by a few hundred fold.

We have changed with the times and kept current with manufacturing technologies. Today, we keep competitive with other manufacturers by listening to our customers and providing services to them. There are many companies that have not been able to withstand the rigors of the new global economy.

The news in the last few decades has highlighted the drastic changes in manufacturing that have taken place due to the increased global nature of our industry. We are proud to say that we have weathered the changes and have found that we can survive and thrive in the global marketplace. At KDK, we strive to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.